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All my knives are made of the best materials I can find, starting with the steel. Unless you specify otherwise, I make my knives out of ATS-34 stainless cutlery steel. ATS-34 is one of the best all-around steels for general use. It assures you of long-lasting, sharp, durable edges that will require a minimum of maintenance. I buy ATS-34 in large sheets and cut out the blade shapes I want, then hand grind them. I do not buy ‘kit’ knives.  Each blade is then professionally heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 59-60. Finishes can be either mirror polished or satin buff. I have D2, O1, PM154, Damascus, and other steels available on request.

 Only the finest natural and man-made materials are used for the knife handles. I use a lot of stabilized wood for my handles as this material is very hard, water resistant, and will not warp or crack like natural woods. Because natural materials may shrink due to exposure to water, fluctuations in temperature, humidity, etc, they are not guaranteed against that.  If that is a worry to you, please consider using a stabilized or man-made product on the handle. Guards and bolsters are made of stainless steel unless you want something else.  In addition, most knives come with a custom made leather sheath, or a wooden display box depending on the model.